Thursday, May 17, 2012

Masterpiece Mystery: Sherlock

A couple months ago, Nellie set our DVR to record the Downtown Abbey series on PBS. For whatever reason though, our DVR recorded every program on PBS with the word "Masterpiece" in the title. If this also happened to you, then your DVR was also likely clogged with a bunch of nonsense and poppycock PBS programming. But it also likely recorded a few episodes of Sherlock Holmes, which isn't poppycock, but awesomeness.

It's a modern day version of Sherlock Holmes and frankly, it's highly entertaining. Here is the episode we saw on Sunday.

After seeing one episode we were hooked and I was thinking about putting in a plug for it for my six readers. I then became lazy and wasn't going to mention it. Then I heard about this and I knew I had to make some sort of plug for it.

Apparently, our counterparts here in America are planning on rolling out their own version of the show this fall. Now, we Americans can do what we want.  I'm not mentioning the BBC show so that I can sound cool or hip like some fan of an indie band that was a loyalist long before the band was popular or sold out and "went mainstream" (aka – did what every band seeks out to do and creates a successful record that sells a lot of copies and makes the band a lot of money).

Obviously, I haven't seen an episode of the American version yet, so I can't bash it. But just based on the preview I'm guessing that this series will be much like The Office where the American version is decent and may eventually be great, but at least initially pales in comparison to its original British counterpart. Although I will say I have serious doubts about the show considering they are calling it "Elementary." Weak.

Anyways, the British show is already in its second season. Like all British sitcoms, they aren't traditional American seasons and this season only has three episodes. However, each episode is an hour and a half long, without commercials. So even if there are only three episodes, you are still getting hours of excellent entertainment. Plus, since the second season finishes off this Sunday, there are plenty of hours for you to watch between the first season and catching up with this season.  Right now you can actually watch the first two episodes online.  I promise it's more enjoyable than Facebooking.

Another reason to watch: Watson is played by Martin Freeman, who was in the British version of The Office and will be The Hobbit.

Also, I'm not the only one plugging this show.  Here is a good request for your viewership and explanation of the show.

A great clip of Martin Freeman from The Office.  I always wanted a HatFM


Cherylyn said...

Tanner and I just started watching this show about 2 weeks ago. You were just a few weeks late of getting all the Kent "is so cool, he recommended this show to us" points, but instead, my sis Tricia gets them instead. ;-) I know you will be broken up about that, but I totally agree the show is pure awesomeness, and frankly while I too cannot bash the U.S. version...yet, the Brits really do know how to do intelligent humor with a finesse we just can't seem to match.

shanonsmiles said...

Love Sherlock! Make sure you see the first 3 episodes from last season. Finally, something to look forward to on TV.

Paige said...

I love this show. Excellent casting. Only three episodes a season isn't enough. But they are all so well done...